Tim Paige Webinars


Webinars for better qualified leads, increased engagement, and more conversions.


We create smart, value-driven webinars for clients from various industries, specializing in SaaS, service providers, and information products. We show entrepreneurs the ropes of hosting that will ensure attendees’ satisfaction, increase lead value, and convert at a high level. Most importantly, we help you achieve these results without sneaky tactics that might jeopardize the relationship you’ve worked hard to develop with your prospects.

"Tim Paige is a true pro when it comes to pitching your product as if he's always worked for your company. Authentic, engaging, and energized!"

-Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner

At Tim Paige Webinars, we work with four things in mind:

Profound Transparency

We believe that making an offer is the best next step for our attendees. We don’t hide the fact that we’re pitching one. We don’t shy away from a demo.

Audience First

We put our audience’s need to solve a problem ahead of our need to sell our products.

Commitment to Honesty

We walk the talk. If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. No offers cut short or extended. No false scarcities.

Love of Results for Clients

When you work with us, we will develop stronger relationships with your attendees. You will come out of it proud of your webinars and with a return of investment as soon as possible.

Tim Paige

“In a world full of webinars that spend too much time ‘closing’ and not enough time helping people, it’s not difficult to stand out. If you want to be different, make an impact, and make more money, I’d love to help.”

Tim Paige


Hosting over 1,000 live webinars for some of the most successful SaaS startups, Tim Paige is a certified webinar rockstar. His career in creating and hosting high-converting webinars has brought in a total of over $12 million in revenue.

Tim has extensive experience in helping SaaS companies, service providers, and information marketers create and market highly successful webinar channels. His client list features fast-growing startups that have flown to new heights, including Leadpages, Social Media Examiner, Smart Marketer, Zipify, Drip, FunnelDash, Needls, and Course Cats — to name a few.

Tim’s trademark is his honest, transparent, and engaging style. Those who attend his webinars never leave without actionable information they can use to solve their problems, even if they don’t make a purchase during his online trainings.   

When he’s not busy hosting webinars, Tim is a professional voice actor. You may have heard his voice on NBC, The CW, The Weather Channel, Tomy Toys, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The UFC — a talent which keeps Tim’s webinar attendees entertained.  

Tim is also a proud husband, father of two boys, follower of Syracuse University basketball, and lover of all things comic books.


Webinars, when done right, can revolutionize your business. They’re not simple demos or content that will offer your products and services. They should speak your brand and your spirit and highlight what your company has to offer to your prospects — your attendees.

They’re marketing tools… that you need to market well. Stepping up your game in coming up with strategies to engage more people in your webinars is an absolute must if you want to grow your business.

Think we can help? Not yet? That’s a-okay. Learn about our services or shoot us a question, if you have any!