Tim Paige Webinars


Demio is a newer player in the game that I’ve fallen in love with. They cater mostly to SaaS companies, but I’ve used it with clients on every end of the spectrum and loved every minute of it. My favorite feature is the ability to upload slides, so I can share my screen, show slides, and see the chat all in the same window.

This is currently my number one choice of webinar platforms.

There are a lot of landing page tools around now, but there's still only one I use: Leadpages. Their templates convert higher than any others I've seen. They're easy to use, even if you're not tech savvy. They provide a ton of options for customization and more integrations than anyone else. 

I use them primarily for Registration pages, Thank You pages, Leadboxes (pop-up opt-in forms that out-convert in-line opt-in forms by a lot), and even one-page websites for things I'm testing. I'm a die-hard fan.

Drip is a brilliant tool for email marketing and automation because it's built to offer the most important features for an automation platform without being so hard to use that you need a degree in martech to be able to utilize it. 

It offers deep integrations with your favorite tools, brilliant analytics, and super fair pricing.